Top media figures in the region have praised the Emirati-Qatari Super Shield event as an “evening of dreams,” “amazing,” and “impressive.”

This is how Qatari and Emirati media reacted to the Emirati-Qatari Super Shield event, celebrating its excellence: "Emirati-Qatari Super Shield event shines with creativity."


 The Emirati-Qatari Super Shield event In a testimony to the spirit of sportsmanship and brotherhood,  illuminated the sky of Dubai with a breathtaking display of elegance and excitement. Held at Rashid Stadium in Dubai on the evening of April 13th, this prominent event captivated the hearts of the audience and garnered praise from media personalities across the region. Let’s explore the highlights of this stunning evening and delve into the reactions it elicited from Qatari and Emirati media.

Unforgettable Night:

The event unfolded like a beautiful dream, captivating attendees with its stunning performances and meticulous organization. From the splendor of the venue to the precision of the coordinated heritage displays, every detail was carefully curated to create an unforgettable experience for all.

Media Praise:

Qatari and Emirati media outlets were quick to express their admiration for the event. Qatar’s Al Kass channel described the event as “amazing” on Instagram, while Yaqoub Al Saadi, President of Abu Dhabi Sports Channels, praised it on his personal X platform page, describing it as “distinctive” with “excellence in every detail.” Such accolades reaffirm the widespread admiration the event received from both audiences and industry experts.

Al Kass Channel Coverage: Here

Yaqoub Al Saadi’s Comment: Here

Resounding Success:

Qatari newspaper Peninsula SPORT praised the organization of both the Super Cup and Super Shield events as a roaring success. Additionally, the Union News Agency highlighted the exceptional organization of the Emirati-Qatari Super Shield, commending its celebration of heritage and traditions blended with innovative fireworks displays and laser shows.

Peninsula SPORT Coverage:

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Showcasing National Excellence:

The event was directed by the talented director Hassan Abdul Hamid, showcasing the remarkable abilities of citizens in organizing and managing major events. This display of excellence not only elevated the status of the UAE and Qatar as leading sports destinations but also demonstrated their ability to compete with global industry giants.

Future Outlook:

As the echoes of the Emirati-Qatari Super Shield event fade into memory, everyone eagerly anticipates the upcoming events that promise to surpass expectations and set new standards for excellence and innovation. With a track record of success including previous events such as the Emirati Super Cup and the Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank Cup, the stage is set for even greater achievements in the realm of sports and entertainment.


In conclusion, the Emirati-Qatari Super Shield event remains a shining example of collaboration, creativity, and excellence in organizing sports events. From its dazzling performances to its flawless execution, this event embodied the essence of sportsmanship and left an indelible mark on all attendees. As we celebrate this triumph, we eagerly await the next chapter in the journey of sporting greatness.


Al Kass Channel Coverage:

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